5 Tips to Finally Finish Your Basement

Monday, April 2nd, 2018 by James Bohon

Okay you’re doing it; you’re finally going to finish your basement. After years of not having the time, money, or life just getting in the way, you’re finally going to take the plunge. Although, you might find yourself with just one problem—one large problem. You have no idea where to begin. That’s where Arrow comes in, below we have compiled 5 tips to get you well on your way to planning your basement renovation.

#1- Decide how you want to USE the space

It is important to consider all of your options thoroughly before making the final decision about the type of space you’d like your basement to be. There are so many different possibilities— some of them you may not have even considered. Your basement can become a bonus room, wet bar, bedroom, wine cellar, playroom, billiard room, den, home office, gym, home theater, and more!

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#2- Decide on HOW MUCH space

It is imperative that after you have decided what to do with the space, you decide whether that project requires finishing the entire basement. While it is always advantageous to finish the entire basement, more square footage equals higher home value, you may consider saving some room for storage. If you do not want to do a partial finish, and still have items to store, consider including smart storage options in your basement design.

#3- Mind what you are REQUIRED to do with the space

Depending on the type of space you have chosen for your basement, you may have certain building regulations you have to abide by based on your city ordinances or homeowner’s association regulations. For example, if you are planning for a bedroom, it is usually required that you install an egress window for fire escape purposes.

#4- Don’t forget about what’s ALREADY IN the space

It’s important to consider the immobile elements already installed in your basement when planning. First off, stairs. You must decide how open you want the stairs to be. You may also want to consider removing the door at the top of the stairs to maximize the natural light coming into your basement (as natural light can be sparse). Speaking of natural light, the windows installed in your basement are the only other source, so you may want to organize your social areas near them.

#5- Smart planning to PROTECT your space

Last, but certainly not least, the thing that could ultimately be the downfall of your new basement: water. Depending on your foundation type, you may be more or less prone to water damage. However, It’s always safer to assume that you will have this issue. Because of this, waterproofing your basement is an option to consider. This also calls to question whether to use the old way of finishing or the new way of finishing, which could greatly reduce your chances of water leakage or flooding in your basement.

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