5 Eye Opening Benefits to Remodeling Your Bathroom

Thursday, February 13th, 2020 by Elizabeth Mixon

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Have you considered remodeling your bathroom but aren’t sure if you should?

While remodeling your bathroom can seem like an unnecessary remodeling option, remodeling your bathroom does provide several tangible benefits. So, you and your family can get the most out of your home.

Wondering what the benefits of remodeling your bathroom are? Read on to find out.

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1. Get Exactly What You Want

If you didn’t custom build your home, your bathroom has likely never been exactly what you want.

Maybe the shower is too small. Or, you hate the colors. Or, the fixtures aren’t your style. Whatever it is, there’s likely something you’ve never liked about your bathroom.

The solution? Remodel your bathroom, which will allow you to choose everything according to your style and wants.

If you’ve always wanted a large soaker tub, you can add one with remodeling. If you want an ultra-modern bathroom, you can remodel your bathroom to be a modern masterpiece. Or, if you want a blue-toned bathroom, you can remodel your bathroom to have blue everything.

You can also make your bathroom the perfect size with remodeling. If you’ve always wanted a bigger bathroom or more people use it now than when you bought your house, you can enlarge your bathroom with remodeling. So, you can have the exact size bathroom you want.

You can only customize your bathroom to your exact specifications with remodeling. So, if you want the bathroom of your dreams, remodeling is a great choice.

2. Increase Your Home Value

If you’re looking to increase your home’s value, remodeling your bathroom is a great option.

Bathrooms are a critical space for home buyers. As such, they can make or break your ability to sell your home if you ever want to.

Plus, updated bathrooms can help you sell your home for more if done correctly.

To maximize your home value increase when remodeling your bathroom, you should concentrate on modernizing your bathroom. You should update any fixtures that look outdated or worn-out. And, you should update the look of your bathroom to align with current (but timeless) design trends that appeal to most potential home buyers.

Beyond updating the look of your bathroom, you should also update the function of your bathroom to maximize your home value. Choose energy-efficient fixtures – like toilets and faucets. You should also replace anything in your bathroom that doesn’t work well – like a leaky shower head.

Remodeling your bathroom can make your home significantly easier to sell. And, a remodeled bathroom will help you sell your home for more. So, if you’re looking to increase your home value, remodeling your bathroom is a smart investment.

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3. Fix and Prevent Damage

When remodeling your bathroom, you have the opportunity to fix any current damage you have and prevent any more damage from occurring.

Because bathrooms are exposed to more moisture than other areas of your home, your bathrooms are more susceptible to water damage and mold/mildew growth.

Water damage can happen if your water pipes are damaged. And, it can happen if there isn’t a proper moisture barrier (which prevents water from seeping into other areas of your home) installed. This water damage can also promote the growth of mold or mildew.

So, when you remodel your bathroom, you’ll find out if there is any damage and correct it before it worsens. You’ll also be able to install features, like a moisture barrier or properly connected pipes, that will prevent any damage future damage from occurring. 

Another benefit to remodeling your bathroom is that you can discover – and fix – any damage. You can also prevent future damage from occurring.

4. Lower Your Utility Bills

If you have an outdated bathroom, you can improve your bathroom’s energy efficiency and water usage by remodeling.

Remodeling your bathroom can help you save on your utility bills by improving your energy use. If your bathroom has outdated insulation, you can lower your heating and cooling costs by installing energy-efficient insulation. You can also install lighting that uses less electricity.

You can also lower your utility bills when remodeling by choosing fixtures with low water uses. Modern toilets need much less water to flush than older toilets – saving you money on your water bill. You can also get a low flow showerhead and faucet to further reduce your water usage.

Along with creating a better-looking bathroom, remodeling can also create a more energy and water efficient bathroom. So, by remodeling your bathroom, you can save money on your utility bills.

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5. Make Your Bathroom More Comfortable.

You and your family use your bathroom every day. But, if it’s outdated, it’s likely not as comfortable to use as it could be. Remodeling your bathroom can up the comfort level, so you and your family can enjoy your bathroom.

One way a bathroom remodel can make your space more comfortable is by adding extra storage. Whether it’s with a bigger vanity with storage, building a linen closet, or having wall storage, you can add enough bathroom storage for your whole family when you remodel your bathroom.

When updating your bathroom, you can also add more modern conveniences – like heated floors or towel racks. That way, you and your family will be warm in the winter and after showers/baths. You can also add other comfort items – like a deep tub, a rain showerhead, and a mirror with built-in lighting.

Another way to make your bathroom more comfortable through remodeling is by putting counters, storage, towel racks, and more at the right height for your family. If someone in your family is either too tall or short to comfortably use your bathroom, you can change that with remodeling.

When you remodel your bathroom, you can make the space much more comfortable for you and your family.

Wrapping It Up

Remodeling your bathroom will make it look better. But, that’s not the only benefit.

With bathroom remodeling, you can make your bathroom exactly what you want, more energy-efficient, and more comfortable. You can also increase your home value and fix/prevent any damage.

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