5 Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

Tuesday, December 29th, 2020 by Team Arrow


This year has seen many of us stuck at home, quickly questioning our living space and thinking of ways to improve it. I think it’s safe to say plenty of us have become DIY wannabes with little else to do with our time! But of course, the trends are always changing.

Suddenly a closet under the stairs becomes a hidden pantry, a downstairs bathroom transformed into a place of relaxation... So, what’s next?

Well, hold tight, as we’ve got 5 home improvement projects for the new year to get you thinking. So you can kickstart 2021 with a refreshed and reinvented living space. 


1. Go bold

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Creative paint projects have been on the rise for a while now, and it comes as no surprise that they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon! Playful color accents can lift your mood and bring a sense of fun to your living space. Get creative and be experimental with your living space. 

Contrasting colors to highlight period features, such as alcoves, or simply inject a block of color where an object used to be - such as a headboard.

With the increase in virtual meetings, more and more home workers are choosing to mix up their workspace. Creating an interesting backdrop for those all-important calls doesn’t have to be expensive, simply experiment with a little color. And maybe a shape or two!


2. Revamp your kitchen

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With all the extra time spent at home in 2020, our cooking spaces have most certainly become one of our favorites. Whether you’re working with a relatively small space or a grand kitchen, there are plenty of directions to go in to remodel your kitchen and turn it into a place you absolutely adore. 

Perhaps you’ve kept an eye on 2020’s subtle modernizations, but now you’re looking to go bigger and better! Enter 2021 with some great new ideas and make extra use of your kitchen space without breaking the bank. Bring some organization to your kitchen while maintaining its sleek style, making use of cupboard space and keeping all your goodies organized behind closed doors!

And if you’re feeling unsure, check out our blog on the 7 best reasons to remodel your kitchen.


3. Redesign your bathroom

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I think it’s safe to say we’ve earned some relaxation time heading into 2021, and there’s no better way to feel relaxed than a hot shower or bath - right?

Although it’s often the smallest room in our home, we can’t take this space of relaxation for granted. Many people overlook the possibilities available when it comes to redesigning their bathroom, but even the smallest of spaces can be redesigned to suit your family.

Always dreamed of a bubble bath, but simply put up with having a shower? No more! Beyond design, there are plenty of reasons to consider remodeling your bathroom, so why not treat yourself in the new year and find your ideal bathroom design?

After all, a bubble bath is a perfect end to the day!


4. Upgrade your windows

5 Home Improvement Projects for the New Year - Image 4

If in recent months you’ve noticed your home can feel a little dark. A New Year project could include updating your home’s windows. Although replacing your drafty, sticky windows can feel like a huge project to undergo, it doesn’t have to be.

Upgrading your windows can benefit your home in a number of ways. They add character to the outside, keep you warm and let in plenty of light. Plus, they add an extra layer of security to your home. If your current windows make your home look a little tired, updating your windows can not only make your home more energy-efficient, but it’ll look great too.

Finding the perfect style to suit your home’s character doesn’t have to be difficult, either. With so many styles to choose from, you can really make your home look incredible. 

Open up your home with lots of light, added warmth, and extra security in no time!


5. Design the ultimate deck

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Why not start planning for next summer already! A backyard deck provides the perfect space for relaxing and entertaining guests. 

Adding an extension to your home can be a costly investment, whereas a decking is an affordable alternative for expanding your living space.

Decking at the rear of your property also acts as a stepping stone from one environment to the other, furthering your property’s space. Plus, if you’re looking to sell up at a later date, decking can add value to your home and attraction potential buyers.


Ready to transform your home?

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