4 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle this Winter

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 by Team Arrow

Finding motivation can be tricky during the colder months. While snow drifts down outside, your mind is more likely to be on slippers and roaring fireplaces than drill-bits and tins of paint. However, winter is a brilliant time for diving into new home improvement projects that have been left by the wayside. 

Not only are many products more affordable during the winter months, but starting early can mean your home is looking better than ever by spring—one of the most lucrative times for those looking to sell.

After a year unlike any other, many of us have plenty of time on our hands to tackle bold new home improvement projects this winter. There’s never been a better time to get started with building a more beautiful, cozy living space. Allow us to provide you with a little inspiration…


 measuring attic insulation

1.   Keep your place snug by insulating your attic and sealing drafts and cracks

A chilly breeze tumbling through the rooms of your home is one way to make winter feel as though it’s stretching on forever, yet this can be remedied with relative ease. Insulating your attic is a great place to start, with un-insulated homes losing a huge amount of warmth through the roof. Bringing in an expert to check out your ducts and foundations is a good idea too; you’d be amazed at what a few minor changes can mean for the general coziness of your home. You never have to shiver on the sofa again!

To check if your home is suffering from drafts, head outside at night and look for light escaping beneath doors and windows. Insulating spray foam can be an easy, quick solution to such problems—however you may prefer less permanent, more creative fixtures such as crafting your own draft stoppers.

Winter is also prime time for investigating your property for any cracks in the masonry. The cold weather can actually cause such cracks to expand, meaning details your might have missed in the summer are more easily spotted! If you feel uncertain, of course, never hesitate to call in the experts.


 pastel pink and green paint smears

2.   Give your home a lick of paint

Paint is often cheaper to buy in the winter. If you’ve been meaning to redecorate, December through February is the time to be stocking up on tins of duck-egg blue. Painters and decorators typically have more free time on their hands in winter too, so you can expect bigger projects to go ahead faster and without risk of delays.

Repainting in the winter is also a great choice for adding a splash of color over what is, by and large, a very monochrome few months. Why not daub your walls with yellow ochre to switch up the drab greys of winter with a warm Mediterranean vibe? Plus, starting early means that by the time summer rolls around, your home will be looking better than ever, and all the hard work will be a distant memory. No frantic springtime redecorations for you: leave that for your unprepared neighbors, while you sit outside your beautifully painted home sipping a mimosa.


 update your lighting with colorful light bulbs

3.   Upgrade your interior lighting

The shorter daylight hours of winter can make it an ideal season for upping your interior lighting game. Replacing old bulbs for new, energy-efficient ones is always a good idea, and LED bulbs are not only better at saving you money on your bills, but they’re also better for the environment, are less hot to the touch, and last longer much longer. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re also cheaper to buy!

If needed, bring in an electrician to help you update old lighting fixtures too; it’s these small details that can really bring a room to life. Often, a room that’s been looking a little hum-drum for years can be brought to life instantly by a stylish fixture or even just a funky new lampshade. The quality and color of light in your home makes an enormous difference, not only to the general appearance of each room (not to mention the people in them!), but also to your mood.


new kitchen redesign in kansas city


4.   Redesign your kitchen for spring

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and there’s no better feeling than preparing a meal for family or friends in a newly renovated space. Whether it’s adding a simple tile backsplash or pulling everything out and beginning again from scratch, sprucing up your kitchen is an ideal home improvement for the winter.

Adding a tile backsplash is a bold start, and 2021 is teeming with new trends for you to get your teeth into. Spending the last year indoors has meant people all over the world are seeking ways to personalize their kitchens. As a consequence, loud, patterned tiles are all the rage, and the only limits are your imagination. Bold colors are in, as are interesting textures and alternative materials. Unsure about ceramic? Try copper, aluminum, glass, or gold trim!


Excited to start transforming your home?

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