How can I protect my home from hail & stormy weather?

Monday, April 26th, 2021 by Team Arrow

Ahh, Spring storm season is here. Although many of us are gearing up for the Summer months ahead, and the dreams of barbecues and long summer evenings, the current season means we need to be prepared for unpredictable weather.

Although Spring brings us some warmer weather and beautiful flowers, there is also potential for damaging storms.

When a hail storm arises, protecting your home should be your number one priority.


Hail in hand on a rooftop after hailstorm

What storms can you expect?

With unpredictable weather comes unknown risks to your home. We take a quick look at the types of storms that may affect your property and how to prevent them.

Wind and Hail storms

Strong winds and heavy hail can have a significant impact on your home. When combined, heavy wind can add a huge amount of force behind hail and leave a lasting (nasty!) impression on your home.

For example, in Missouri, homeowners on average experience hail storms 2-3 times a year. While the size of hailstones can vary from pea-sized balls to significantly bigger clumps, a heavy hail storm can have a severe effect on your much-loved home.


While some of us may love the sound of a thunderstorm when we’re safely indoors, we need to be careful when it comes to their effects on our homes. Thunder and lightning may make us feel grateful for being warm and cozy, but if our homes aren’t prepared for treacherous weather, it can cause a lot of damage!

Tornadoes, heavy rainfall and flooding

There are many US regions that are familiar with experiencing deadly tornadoes, including Missouri (often referred to as ‘Tornado Valley’), Texas, Colorado, Kansas, North Dakota and many more. Tornadoes aside, torrential rainfall - and therefore flooding - can get pretty intense in many US states, especially during Spring.

Combating home damage caused by torrential rain and flooding is super important. But don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to help protect your home in preparation for bursts of unpredictable weather.


How to protect your home from storms

There are a variety of risks associated with these types of storms but don’t worry, there are also plenty of things available to help prevent damage to your home.

Protecting your home’s structure - Roof, Siding and Gutters

Your property’s roof, siding and gutters will often take the brunt of any bad weather. When a storm hits, it can quickly seek out any weak structure in your home, including weakened siding and unsecured gutters. In short, these elements of your home are an easy target! 

Keeping up with your home’s maintenance is the best way to prevent any severe damage from affecting your property. Start by scheduling a routine inspection of your roof, siding and gutters each Spring, if not before.

When you choose to maintain your home on a regular basis, you’ll quickly save yourself the headache (and heartache!) of any severe home damage during bad weather. Clogged gutters when left unattended can overflow and cause leaks to your attic and basement, as well as affecting your siding, sheathing and trim, too.

The solution?

Install gutter guards to your home, to offer weather protection when you need it most. Gutter guards - or gutter covers - can prevent your gutters from accumulating debris which could cause water overflow and therefore damage during stormy weather.

Secure your garage door

When a high wind picks up, it can cause damage or even blow off your garage door. When this happens, the contents of your garage can be quickly compromised. Take the time each year or so to have your garage door inspected. If it doesn’t quite meet your weather protection requirements this Spring, replace your door ahead of bad weather.

When we install gutter covers, you’ll no longer have the dirty job of cleaning out your gutters, nor will you have to worry about leaves and other debris. Once installed, there’s little worry as you won’t have to risk climbing a ladder to clean out your gutters on a constant basis! Fuss and stress-free, we offer premium gutter protection to homeowners so you can rest assured your home can handle the heaviest of rainstorms.

Keep your gutters clear

No matter what time of year, keeping your gutters clean from debris can make a huge difference in your home’s protection against the elements. If you’re not comfortable climbing up a ladder and taking a look for yourself, you can hire a professional to maintain your gutters for you.

Keeping your gutters clean and clutter-free can:

  • Prevent water damage - When your gutters and downspouts become blocked with leaves and other debris, your rainwater can’t flow away safely. This can cause water to overflow, with nowhere to go!

  • Keep birds from nesting (and other pests away) - A clogged gutter can be a tempting place for birds to nest and other pests to set up camp! Keeping your gutters clear can help avoid unwanted guests from nesting.

  • Protect your roof - Since the water will have nowhere to run, excess water can flood over and start to damage your roof, causing leaks and even rot.

  • Reduce the risk of a cracked foundation - Excess water spilling over from your gutters can cause water to collect around the foundation of your home. When this water sits around the base of your home, it can freeze and expand, causing cracks.


Is your home ready for hail & stormy weather?

Preparing your home ahead of unpredictable weather can really help to protect it from a whole range of risks. The Arrow Renovation experts can help you transform your home this Spring, improving your property’s siding, roofing and gutters too! 

Whether it’s emergency roof repairs or gutter guard installation, our team is on hand to help protect your home from stormy weather.

We offer a variety of services to keep your home safe and maintained, across Leawood, Prairie Village, Lansing, Olathe, Less Summit, Shawnee, Overland Park, Raymore, Kansas City, Lenexa and the nearby areas. Simply drop us a call at 1-855-251-7315 or contact us online to get started.