Easy bathroom upgrades you can do yourself

Whether you're just moved into a new property, or you’ve lived there a number of years, often the bathroom becomes one of the last priorities to upgrade. Especially when it functions as it should… Why should you fork out to upgrade it?

The good news is, there are plenty of easy bathroom upgrades you can actually do yourself! 

So if you have limited resources and a tight budget, don’t fret, as there’s plenty you can do without breaking the bank.


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1. Paint your fixtures

Bathroom fixtures can be not only expensive to replace, but they can also be a tedious task to do. However, a couple of laters of auto-grade paint can quickly transform those old, shiny fixtures into a rustic bronze or matt brass style.

For the best possible finish, sand the fixtures slightly and remove all dust, then tape off all around the fixtures and use a plastic drop cloth to ensure you don’t spray the rest of your bathroom. Don’t forget to use a primer after sanding, taping, and sealing off the surrounding area with a drop cloth!

2. Stain your tile grout

Over time, tile grout can start to look a little discolored and dull, affecting the whole look and feel of your bathroom space. Or maybe that once shiny-white just doesn’t match your style anymore! Whatever the reason may be… Upgrading your bathroom with this DIY trick couldn’t be easier.

To add a little contrast and achieve that modern, yet classic look, staining your tile grout can make your bathroom look brand new again. Here are our top tips:

  • Contrast with the tile color to make each tile stand out
  • Don’t use abrasive scrubbing powders or tools to clean/grout
  • For a long-lasting hob, opt for a stain and sealer

3. Paint your floor tiles

Pulling up existing tiles can be incredibly messy, time-consuming and of course, expensive. But if your flooring is looking a little tired, there is another way to achieve that trendy patterned look: With chalk paint and a stencil!

Start by washing your floors as normal, letting them dry well before getting started. Then you need to roll on a light coat of your base paint, allow that to dry and do another coat. 

Many homeowners choose to stencil in the grout lines, so for this look, grab your stencil, chalk paint, and a foam stencil brush and get going! It’s important to use a protective finish to seal the whole project once finished.

4. Add some storage

There are plenty of ways to add some storage to your bathroom space, making it easy to tuck away products, towels and extra toilet paper, etc.

Have a look at garage sales, flea markets, and online marketplaces for items such as a wooden ladder that could slot in easily above your toilet, with the opportunity to add more rungs for holding towels or even baskets.

Depending on your taste, scaffolding boards can make great shelves! And for an extra industrial look, add some metal hardware for a rustic/industrial appearance.

5. Use wood pallets as a backdrop

Wood pallets have become increasingly popular with DIYers looking to spruce up their homes on a budget. With sanding, a little varnish, and sealant, you can quickly create an inexpensive wood wall decor for your bathroom. 

Simply add hooks to hold your towels, and you can even use an old photo frame for the edging.

6. Paint your vanity

Whether its color is a little dated, or its dark wood looks a little old and worn, there’s no need to completely replace your vanity unit when you can paint it!

A fresh coat of paint is an incredibly cost-effective way of giving your bathroom a quick makeover. Plus, it can be easily done in an afternoon!

Where possible, add a drop cloth or plastic sheeting around where you’ll be working, using tape to protect any countertops, etc. If you can, remove any hardware and keep it aside. 

Then, all you need to do is give them clean and light sand before adding a primer. A paint sprayer can be a great way to achieve a more professional finish, but if this isn’t possible, using a brush be sure to use long, smooth strokes. 

Other great ideas to spruce up your vanity:

  • Use wallpaper to line the drawers for an extra burst of color
  • Replace hardware with chrome, matt black, or brass, to suit your style

7. Add a splash of color to your ceiling

If you’re not sure about changing your tiles or bathroom flooring, painting your ceiling non-white can be a great way of adding a splash of color to your bathroom space.

We advise going for something quite bright and airy, otherwise, the room may start to feel a little crowded/small. 

Go bright, with a sunset orange/yellow, or why not opt for a blue/green sea theme!

  • Make sure you protect the floor with a drop cloth/sheet
  • Cut in the edge with a paintbrush and finish the rest with a roller
  • Use a step ladder (make sure it’s steady!) and move it around the room, never overstretch 

Ready to DIY your bathroom?

With the above tips, you can quickly upgrade your bathroom to suit your style, all while keeping to a budget. 

There are so many ways to give your bathroom a new lease of life, whether it’s a fresh lick of paint, stylish accessories, or additional storage.

Or maybe you’re looking to remodel your bathroom?

Our bathroom remodeling experts are on hand to make the process as easy as possible for you and your family. We take great pride in helping our customers to transform their bathroom space, achieving a great new style, with all the functionality for a growing family.

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