Job review from in Tonganoxie, KS 66086 on 11/07/19

Overall Rating:

4.2  out of 5
Our Overall Service

Overall, we are happy with the work performed, but several things were frustrating. I know we're out in the country, but at times it felt like we were neglected. I had to call multiple times to find out why the radiant barrier paint hadn't arrived; a 1 mo project turned into 3 because of the paint issue. (A weekly phone call from Arrow would've been great, even if it was just to say, "Sorry the paint's been a fiasco. It's still in transit and we'll stop by tomorrow to check on work completed/talk to you next week if the paint hasn't arrived by then.") At times the construction company owner didn't seem fully informed of what projects were to be completed and I had to fill him in, and then he had to translate that to his crew. (If they're not already given checklists of work to be completed, that might be a good idea.)

Call Representative
Sales Process

Nathan did a fantastic job presenting Arrow's capabilities and products and the pricing offered.

Our Installation Crew

Crews worked hard throughout the projects and were professional and friendly. It would've been easier if someone who spoke more English was on-site every day to prevent things from being lost in translation.

The Cleanup Process

Sheetrock and wood removed from the house were deposited on a side of our house. After the dumpster arrived, the debris sat in the yard for weeks w/insulation pieces and plastic blowing around. I got frustrated and tossed it all into the dumpster (in hindsight, a call to Oliver would've settled the issue). Dust cleanup from newly installed sheetrock could've been more thorough if a construction crew cleaning person had been used instead of the construction workers. Some things like uninstalled ceiling fans that were going to be reinstalled upon project completion could've been covered better so the construction crew leader and I didn't have to spend so much time cleaning something that was clean before the project began. We're still finding fine white dust around the house.

What made you choose our company:

Nathan gave an outstanding presentation on the company and its products; he spent a lot of time in person with us suggesting smart improvements to our home to fix heating/cooling issues upstairs; promptly answered questions we had by phone, text, or email; and the pricing was fair.