Testimonials for Arrow Renovation

Hi, my name is Bart Etzenhouser. I'm, very pleased with the work Arrow did. They did a fantastic job. The crew was very good, very efficient and got the job done when they said they would. Everyone in the office was great to work with. Returning my call, just as soon as I asked them to. And their sales rep, Anthony, great to work with. Very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them for any roofing needs you have. Thank you.
Bart E. of Independence, MO
Thursday, June 15th
"I thought is was fabulous! It was so easy. We just didn't have to do any of that. Telephoning and checking things out. Everything just went smoothly. Everything was cleaned up. It looks fabulous. Couln't be happier!"
Mrs. C. of Shawnee, KS
Friday, April 12th
It looks good. We were looking to either paint or completely reside it and decided to go with residing because of improvements of insulation and it would be permanent. I didn’t particularly hear about Arrow. I did searches on Google of who was in the vicinity and tried to keep it geographically close in western Johnson County. So that narrowed down the search radius and then I started making a few phone calls and interviewed some of the perspective vendors. Everyone did a great job! Alejandro was fabulous. I was really pleased with Alejandro and his exterior work on the house. We are pleased. If it ever comes to resell, which we aren’t planning on, but it will always be an asset to the piece of property. Thank you very much!
Alan & Pamela F. of Shawnee, KS
Tuesday, May 12th
I want to thank Arrow and the gentleman that put this roof on the house. It's going to be lasting for 25 more years! They did an excellent job. Clean up was perfect. The people were very professional and I really thank Arrow for that.
Rickie J. of Leavenworth, KS
Thursday, February 13th
Arrow Renovation installed 7 new Vinylmax windows. We also put up 5" guttering on the back of this home in Kansas City, KS.
Anthony R. of Kansas City, KS
Wednesday, July 26th
A recent customer provided a great review, and explains how he was once in the industry. Our workmanship and end-product was outstanding.  The job site was clean with no debris left behind. "That is a good indicator of what kind of quality the job up on top of the roof will look like, which I inspected and it was up-to-par!" We were additionally able to help with the insurance claim.  "Outstanding customer service from Arrow!"
Gary W. of Shawnee, KS
Tuesday, March 29th
Mrs. Achterberg is very happy in the job that Arrow Renovation completed. The communication process was great and she had a great experience with a few of our employees while the jobs have been completed. After two bathroom remodels, a bedroom remodel, and a staircase remodel, she is grateful she chose Arrow Renovation. 
Linda A. of Lansing, KS
Monday, February 21st
This homeowner was very pleased with the outcome of her roof replacement project.  It was a very fast, and painless, process.  Mike Peace was a great salesman!  She was also very pleased with the installation and clean-up process in relation to how quickly they completed the job.
Jackey D. of Osawatomie, KS
Tuesday, March 29th
Customer Testimonial in Lawrence, KS. The customer was pleased that we got the job done ahead of schedule.
Jason E. of Lawrence, KS
Monday, July 31st
I am very happy with the service I received. Danny went out of his way on a few different issues to make sure I was happy with the results. They are great people that you can trust. The entire process went very smooth.
Jimmy H. of Lane, KS
Thursday, August 1st
I dealt with Arrow's rep, he was very knowledgeable, professional, was always available when I called, had no problems. Will recommend them to any one and will use them for my siding as well. Great team. They were clean, efficient, came in did the job and we're gone. No worries.
Melissa L. of Leavenworth, KS
Wednesday, December 11th
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