Testimonials for Arrow Renovation

Hi, my name is Bart Etzenhouser. I'm, very pleased with the work Arrow did. They did a fantastic job. The crew was very good, very efficient and got the job done when they said they would. Everyone in the office was great to work with. Returning my call, just as soon as I asked them to. And their sales rep, Anthony, great to work with. Very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them for any roofing needs you have. Thank you.
Bart E. of Independence, MO
Thursday, June 15th
I think it looks great! They did a great job, start to finish. We heard of Arrow Renovation through HomeAdvisor. We interviewed three or four people and the salesperson Nathan was part of the reason we chose you. He had knowledge and personable. The installers were terrific. Chad has been wonderful. I just want to say, Arrow from top to bottom has been more than sufficient, helpful and accommodating.
Jim & Kathy C. of Kansas City, MO
Friday, January 10th
"Hey, it looks fanastic! Super work, super fast. I would absolutely recommend Arrow to family and friends."
Randy K. of Kansas City, MO
Tuesday, April 2nd
Arrow Renovation installed 7 new Vinylmax windows. We also put up 5" guttering on the back of this home in Kansas City, KS.
Anthony R. of Kansas City, KS
Wednesday, July 26th
I am very happy to report that we're pleased with the results. The whole experience with the construction that went on putting the roof on was just outstanding. The crew was very efficient, very professional. And the clean up job was fantastic. What I really want to emphasize is that the roof is beautiful. It's improved the value of our home considerably. It's just fantastic!
Lisa W. of Overland Park, KS
Friday, January 24th
I went to the Overland Park Home Show at the beginning of November and picked up your brochure. I talked with you for a little bit and scheduled an in home visit. Nathan came over and one of the things I liked about Nathan is that he did drawings of what we were going to need for the bathroom. Were as other people weren't as detailed and didn't necessarily draw and write down what I wanted. One of the other things I really liked is the fact that Arrow would do everything. I had three projects. I had, new storm doors and windows, and my upstairs master bathroom redone. I had it replumbed, to bring up my washer and dryer, a new sink and I had to get a new shower because the shower had not been used in quite a while. I had the kitchen remodeled I needed new countertops, and as it turned out, there was some mold and I needed new counters.   But I liked that they would do everything, and I dealt with one person which was Rich. I didn't have to deal with two or three companies and juggle. The installers were very nice and very polite. I came home and the mess was cleaned up. I could tell what had been done that day, but no big piles of anything. Yes, correct. Everthing went great. I liked that I could get french doors instead of sliding glass doors and they had blinds in them. So I don't have to get separate window treatments. I would use Arrow Renovation for my future home remodels. I hope somewhere down the road, I can afford to do more. I think the other bathroom needs some work.
Sandra B. of Overland Park, KS
Tuesday, March 3rd
"I thought is was fabulous! It was so easy. We just didn't have to do any of that. Telephoning and checking things out. Everything just went smoothly. Everything was cleaned up. It looks fabulous. Couln't be happier!"
Mrs. C. of Shawnee, KS
Friday, April 12th
It looks good. We were looking to either paint or completely reside it and decided to go with residing because of improvements of insulation and it would be permanent. I didn’t particularly hear about Arrow. I did searches on Google of who was in the vicinity and tried to keep it geographically close in western Johnson County. So that narrowed down the search radius and then I started making a few phone calls and interviewed some of the perspective vendors. Everyone did a great job! Alejandro was fabulous. I was really pleased with Alejandro and his exterior work on the house. We are pleased. If it ever comes to resell, which we aren’t planning on, but it will always be an asset to the piece of property. Thank you very much!
Alan & Pamela F. of Shawnee, KS
Tuesday, May 12th
A recent customer provided a great review, and explains how he was once in the industry. Our workmanship and end-product was outstanding.  The job site was clean with no debris left behind. "That is a good indicator of what kind of quality the job up on top of the roof will look like, which I inspected and it was up-to-par!" We were additionally able to help with the insurance claim.  "Outstanding customer service from Arrow!"
Gary W. of Shawnee, KS
Tuesday, March 29th
Well, this is my home here in Olathe, KS. I originally just had a small leak, the plumber told me. I thought well heck, if I have to fix that, let's go for the bathroom. And I thought if I want to do one bathroom, let's do two. This is the guest bathroom in the hallway. I am so pleased with it. The color is great. The workmanship was great. The workers were very nice and polite. They would listen if I had any questions. They were great! And as you can see, the work is fantastic. This bathroom here, the guest bathroom really looks good. So I'm pleased with this one.
Laura L. of Olathe, KS
Friday, August 23rd
Short video giving us a raving review of the work done and the experience
Micheal And Jennifer R. of Olathe, KS
Thursday, November 14th
When Rex Z, , from Olathe, KS called Arrow Renovation he thought his only problem was downspout that had been knocked out by a wind storm. Upon inspect the property, however, the technician realized that there was more damage to the roof and that Rex would have to file a much bigger claim with the insurance company. Rex is very satisfied with the entire experience as an Arrow Renovation customer. Not only they repaired all the damages in the roof and downspout, but they were there for him all along the way, helping with the insurance claim as well.
Rex Z. of Olathe, KS
Monday, October 3rd
Job was done fast. Everything was done in one day!
James S. of Olathe, KS
Tuesday, August 6th
Well, barring all the weather delays, everything went very well. Good crews and the quality of the work was there.
Ron F. of Olathe, KS
Thursday, August 29th
I want to thank Arrow and the gentleman that put this roof on the house. It's going to be lasting for 25 more years! They did an excellent job. Clean up was perfect. The people were very professional and I really thank Arrow for that.
Rickie J. of Leavenworth, KS
Thursday, February 13th
I just want to go on record letting Arrow know what a great job Mark did in fixing my closet after the leak was repaired, Not only in my closet, but also in 1B & 3B.  The drywall repair plus the mudding, installation of insulation, and the repair of the ceiling was very professional.  Mark worked very hard making sure that the finished product looked new - no one would ever know that there was damage due to a bad leak!  I want Mark to know how grateful I am for a job well done.  Please pass my appreciation on to him.
Mary L. of Kansas City, MO
Wednesday, July 6th
Appreciate the honesty and integrity of Arrow Renovation. Had a tough spot in the back of my house that was not accessible, instead of just trying to do it, Rich and Heather spoke to me about and was upfront and honest about the safety issues and I decided not to do that area. Hard to find honest contractors these days but this is definitely one of the good ones.
Michael U. of Kansas City, MO
Friday, March 13th
My bathroom in Overland Park, KS was from the 1980's and was falling apart. I looked online for a local home improvement company and found Arrow Renovation. I told them that I needed a total bathroom make-over. I needed a new counter top, shower, flooring and toilet. My bathroom is now modern looking and I thank Arrow Renovation for the good work!
Anthony V. of Overland Park, KS
Thursday, December 19th
Testimonial Photo by Lois K.
Thank you for improving and redoing my bathroom shower. Mark Hendrix did a wonderful job and we are very pleased with the final product. It is unfortunate that things didn't go so well the first time. But I do believe in second chances. Please thank everyone involved in the decision process. Your company has gained my respect by making things right
Lois K. of Olathe, KS
Thursday, October 31st
I was very pleased with Arrow Renovation. They are located near me in Olathe, KS and their product and services are great. I had the old original windows in my home from the 1980's that let in drafts and they installed new double pane windows that are now more energy efficient. Thank you!
Andrew S. of Olathe, KS
Saturday, December 7th
From estimate to job completion took two weeks and Arrow made the whole thing as painless as possible. After the initial visit I received the estimate, confirmed a date five days later to sign the contract and pick the gutter color, and five days after that I had nice new gutters that were installed in an afternoon. The whole time the company was in contact by phone and/or email so I never felt out of the loop. I would definitely recommend Arrow Renovation to anyone looking for a reliable and professional renovation work.
Ryan D. of Olathe, KS
Monday, December 2nd
I dealt with Arrow's rep, he was very knowledgeable, professional, was always available when I called, had no problems. Will recommend them to any one and will use them for my siding as well. Great team. They were clean, efficient, came in did the job and we're gone. No worries.
Melissa L. of Leavenworth, KS
Wednesday, December 11th
I am very happy with the service I received. Danny went out of his way on a few different issues to make sure I was happy with the results. They are great people that you can trust. The entire process went very smooth.
Jimmy H. of Lane, KS
Thursday, August 1st
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