Case Studies

Gutters & Downspouts Case Studies

Gutters (6 inch), Downspouts & Fascia Installed at a Home in Kansas City, M...
Arrow Renovation had a customer in Kansas City, MO that needed exterior and interior work. On the inside of the home, the stairs needed some repair. On the outside of the...
Arrow Renovation was called upon from a customer in Kansas City, MO in which we needed to remove old existing gutters and downspouts. Then dispose of the debris and install...
Roof & Gutter Replacement in Kansas City, MO
This Kansas City homeowner suffered property damage during a recent hail storm. The damage stretched from their roof to their gutter system and caused severe interior...
A customer in Overland Park, KS were painting their home themselves but needed new gutters. Arrow Renovation went out to measure. There would be no drip edge at the time of...
Gutters 5
Arrow Renovation had a customer in Overland Park, KS that needed some repairs around the home. They had some wood rot and needed siding replaced and also had bad gutters.
Installation of New Windows and Gutters, Overland Park, KS
Arrow Renovation needed to replace rotted wood around a home in Overland Park, KS due to gutters not functioning properly. New gutters were needed because of this and old...
6 Inch Gutters, Downspouts, Soffit and Fascia on Home in Lenexa, KS
A customer in Lenexa, KS needed some new gutters. Below the gutter area they had wood rot and needed replacement fascia and soffit around the entire house.
A customer in Olathe, KS called Arrow in regards to getting their gutters replaced along with downspouts. Our guys went out out to take measurements of the home.
Seamless 5 Inch Gutters Installed on Olathe, KS Home
Remove and replace 160 linear feet of old 5" gutters. We needed to clean up debris and haul away.
Downspouts and Gutters Installed on Home in Olathe, KS
Arrow Renovation had a customer in Olathe, KS that needed fascia and new gutters. They had some wood that was damaged, so we evaluated what needed replaced.
Pearl White 5 Inch Gutters and Downspouts Installed in Olathe, KS
Arrow Renovation had a project in Olathe, KS that required the gutters and downspouts to be removed and discarded. They were damaged and very old. The customer also had fascia...
6 Inch Gutters, Diverters and Downspouts installed in Olathe, KS
A customer in Olathe, KS needed new gutters and a portion of the roof to be repaired. Arrow Renovation's consultant went out to the home to evaluate all the issues.
Gutter, Soffit and Fascia Wrap Installation in Basehor, KS
Arrow Renovation had a customer in Basehor, KS that had wood rot in areas of the fascia and soffit. We evaluated what needed replaced and placed the order.
Bulldog Gutter Guards and Gutters for Lawrence, KS Home
Arrow Renovation serves Lawrence, KS and we had a customer that needed new gutters because theirs where very damaged and old. They also would get many leaves clogged up and...
Total Case Studies: 15