Case Studies

Roof Repair Case Studies: LP Smart Side Soffit and Fascia installed on house in Raytown, MO

Thursday, September 9th, 2021 by Grace Elrod


Arrow Renovation had a customer call in about wood rot in the soffit and fascia areas of their home in Raytown, MO. New vents were also needed to be installed to help with airflow coming in and out of the owner's home. The old soffit was causing rotting because of too much moisture getting into the attic. We had a salesman go out to the home to give a free estimate on what needed to be replaced.


Arrow Renovation improvement team came up with a plan and what products they were going to use on this home in Raytown, MO. The team used 192 linear feet of hard siding LP smart side primed soffit. Once the soffit was installed, rectangles were cut out for the new vents to fit. Lastly, we added 192 linear feet of LP smart side primed fascia. The customer felt more relaxed when the project was done and did not have to worry about mold coming into her home.