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Roof Repair Case Studies: Exterior Repair - Blue Springs, MO

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 by Dane Haller
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This homeowner faced a poor return on his insurance claim.  It's a nightmare for anyone that is dealing with roof damage after a recent storm.  The homeowner's insurance adjuster came unannounced to the property and the roof was quickly skimmed.  The roof inspection resulted with an approval of only half of this Blue Springs homeowner's roof.


Arrow Renovation's Senior Sales Consultant, Anthony Fanara, helped the homeowner with acquiring the most out of the insurance claim.  After a re-inspection, the homeowner received a claim to replace the entire roof and guttering system, 14 window wraps, 4 screens, and a power wash/stained deck.  Every job was completed within a 1-week time-frame! 

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Arrow Renovation

Products Installed: Owens Corning

Senior Sales Consultant: Anthony Fanara