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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Metal Roof Repaired & Gutters Installed in Osawatomie, KS

Monday, September 23rd, 2019 by James Bohon


Arrow had a project in Osawatomie, KS that needed a roof repair on a metal standing seam roof and gutters and gutter guards installed. On the roof, the stovepipe will be cut back as necessary on the roofline. The interior of the stove pipe will need to be removed. The old gutters and downspouts need to be torn off.


Our crew determined that we needed to remove the stove pip piece and install a new one. The part was fitted under the top edge of the ridge under the tar that attaches to the chimney down the valley. The steel roof was repaired and Arrow installed new 6" gutters, 3x4 downspouts and Bulldog gutter guards.

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