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Roof Replacement Case Studies: Roofing Installation Because of Wind Damage in Grandview, MO

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A customer in Grandview, MO had an insurance claim for their home's roof because of wind damage. After performing an Eagle View, Arrow Renovation found out the dimensions and the surface area of 2098, total perimeter length of 250.65, 20.99 squares and 54.10 total ridge length.


Arrow Renovation had to due a lot of prep work before doing this installation. The crew removed the laminate, removed all layers of old composite shingles and wood shake. This was a two story house and the slope was between 7/12 and 9/12. We installed an ice & water barrier, drip edge, step flashing and turtle type roof vent. Arrow also put in a turbine vent, a 6" rain cap and rain diverter along with chimney flashing. The new shingles were Owens Corning Oakridge. The customer was very pleased with the work Arrow Renovation did.