Case Studies

Roof Replacement Case Studies: Roof Replacement, Gutter Installation and Fascia Repair in Liberty, MO


In Liberty, MO, a home needed exterior work that included the tear off of old roof shingles, removing old gutters and downspouts along with old fascia and soffit that had severe wood rot.


The home improvement team at Arrow Renovation had a roof replacement job in Liberty, MO. Arrow installed Owens Corning Oakridge Shingles that were the color style of Brownwood. We also installed white 5 inch gutters and 3x4 downspouts. Our crew replaced 5 linear feet of fascia in the northeast corner. On the back of the home, 15 linear feet of rake fascia was replaced with LP Primed Fascia.  The last item was to remove some soffit and fascia on the back shed and install 10 linear feet of LP Primed soffit and fascia.