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Siding Case Studies: Siding on Home in Olathe, KS had Wood Rot and Needed Replaced

Thursday, January 9th, 2020 by James Bohon


A home in Olathe, KS had a lot of wood rot on the siding. The needed a company to demo all of the old wood siding and tear off and dispose of old window twim. There was old rotted soffit next to both sides of the chimney and one area near the front door.


Arrow Renovation tore off the old siding and installed LP SmartSide siding that was primed and was 12 inch lap by 16 feet. Soffit was replaced with LP Primed soffit and was 4 linear feet. The home improvement crew also installed LP Primed fascia that was 8 inch and included 44 runner boards.

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